#NOMOREBULLSHIT: #TRUTH FOR CHRIS; JULY, 20TH/64 -MAY, 17th/18TH 2017. Come Together.

Jan, 15th/18.

Every death should be treated seriously and investigated thoroughly. That's not to say I believe every death of a celebrity is suspect to a homicide and murder cover up.

However, I've yet to see one photograph or video clip of Chris signing autographs on his final night alive.

My posts from the very beginning are meant to be informative and expressions of my thoughts, feelings and opinions. At the end of the day, it's the reader's responsibility to conduct their own research, what they deem as true, who and where they subscribe for news, entertainment and so on.

Here's what I've gathered since the night Chris died; a collection of information I personally found to be valuable. Medical citations are within my latest blog post, #NOMOREBULLSHIT: Dismissal of the Official Ruling part 2. . . , and #NOMOREBULLSHIT: Your Logical Fallacy is: The Appeal to Authority. . .

I don't expect any victorious outcome from this post, nor can we change the painful reality of Chris Cornell being gone forever. With the amount of information scattered across the internet, I've decided to dedicate this blog post consolidating anything specific to the case of Chris's death, relevant information before and after his passing. Anyone who's interested sharing documentation not posted here, please send me an email with what you have. I'll gladly link back to your personal website/blog or attach all forms of info within this post.

I'll give credit where credit is due, or I'll honour your request to remain anonymous.

The documentary Chris funded, his alleged mishandled charity, his contribution to "The Promise" movie score along with those involved in the motion picture to marital issues are highly suspect. A few of many examples that are likely linked to his passing in my opinion.

From what I've witnessed, gathered and learned from since the night Chris died, I believe his death was primarily due to domestic circumstances and very few outside agencies played a roll. Why the Detroit Police Department didn't conduct a proper, thorough investigation, let alone conduct a homicide investigation involving a famous musician I have an no idea.

IMAGES: (click to enlarge)

Outside room #1136. (Chris's room being next to the stairwell is suspicious to some. Myself included.)

The Bed.

Below are images inside room #1136. (Some have questioned if DIFFERENT rooms were photographed and disguised as a SINGLE room. Also, the absence of a KICKED IN BEDROOM DOOR.) **Carefully examine the right side of the 2nd image. You'll see someone sitting with their arm partially in frame. Note the identifying mark of a tattoo, highly likely to be Martin Kirsten's. Examine 3rd and 4th photograph.

Martin Kirsten WAS DEFINITELY in that room!

Examine the images carefully.

Medications. (The separate B&W photo of the Lorazepam from the other 2 bottles photographed is highly suspicious.)

Neither medications in the first photo were in Chris's system.

The Door/Door Latch. (Zero damage done to a door that was supposedly kicked in several times.)

The carabiner clip/top of the door. (Was a stool used to place the carabiner on the top of the door? Was there a tool used to wedge the carabiner clip into the top of the door? Why isn't the carabiner clipped SCRATCHED?)

WARNING: The following images may be upsetting.

The exercise band/"hanging demo." (Was this how the band was "tied" to operate as a noose? How did this "noose" cause a deep, circumferential ligature furrow mark?)

Swabbing of band, handle and hands. (I question whether or not those hands are of Martin Kirsten.) UPDATE: Examine closely at the hands. They are not from the same body.

Trash bin/bag of gloves, swabs. . .

Inside the bathroom/blood splatter. (Notice the first image has blood outside of the bathroom door.) The 4th image with the notes are my opinion.

Post-Mortem & Toxicology reports. (click to enlarge)

POLICE, INVESTIGATION & EVENT Reports. (click to enlarge)

Statement Form

Incident/Investigation Report

Inter-Office Memorandum

Crime Scene Investigation



Office of the Wayne County Medical Examiners: Case Registration Summary

Police/Prosecutor Protocol Request


*Steven Davis*:

Two months after Chris passed, I came across Steven Davis on Twitter with his analytical breakdown of the official narrative. I was taken aback to learn that Steven, among some other fans, believe Chris Cornell faked his own death! I briefly communicated with Steven at the time inquiring about his conclusion, and I certainly understand why he believes no death ever occurred. Steven mentioned an acquaintance of his who had worked at the MGM that night around the casino area. The acquaintance of Steven said she did not witness nor hear anything unusual that night.

Only AFTER the employee arrived home does she learn of Chris's death at the hotel.


- No witnesses to any kind of commotion outside the MGM nor witnesses to ambulance, police, fans, etc. . .)

- No witnesses FROM THE OTHER ROOMS along side room #1136 to a supposed commotion of doors being vigorously kicked!

- No CCTV footage of Martin Kirsten "kicking in the door" is ever made public. (I don't believe the footage even exists.)

- No witnesses claiming to have seen Chris after the end of the final concert. (** I found one fan to date witnessed Chris BEFORE Soundgarden's last gig. Read the pinned comment HERE.)

- No images or video clips of Chris signing autographs for fans outside of the MGM. Supposedly after Chris performs his last show!!

As much as I want to believe Chris is alive, safe and well somewhere here on Earth, my heart insists that he's no longer living. Nothing compelling enough for me that would strongly suggest that Chris is still living, but hiding, among us. If Chris had indeed "faked his own death", not only would that have been greatly deceptive, but he would have also participated and excepted the highly falsified stories about himself, tarnishing his own legacy and knowingly using his children as pawns.

Did Chris's children attend his funeral, take part in a statue unveiling in Seattle, and excepted a music award on his behalf? Were His children pushed into the public eye facing thousands of grief stricken fans for the sake of utter solitude? Or any other reason? All the while knowing their father is still among the living?

I just DON'T think so! I'm not convinced.

I admit to exercising the idea that Chris was alive after my exchange with Steven, but the thought was short lived. While I understand why Steven and some other fans believe Chris "faked his own death", I don't believe Steven considered all of the evidence or circumstances to date surrounding Chris before and after he passed. Steven's reasoning, while not completely outside the realm of possibility, is unlikely my opinion.

I do admire and appreciate Steven's breakdown though.

Read and take note of the information compiled by Steven. As always, I highly recommend everyone conduct their own research.

The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.

Shortly after Chris passed, I've read several discussions regarding the charity's possible mishandling of funds.

I came across a link to a Reddit post covering the charity's specific activity.

"A few things seem odd to me about the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation."

It is to my knowledge that the foundation is currently in good standing. Regardless, the organization remains in a bad light to me and I keep clear of donating anything to it. Anything associated with it.

Letter from a Relative.

The following post was made public on Reddit shortly after Chris's death. The individual who wrote the post is allegedly related to Chris. I cannot authenticate the post but from what's transpired in regards to Chris's death long after the mysterious post had been deleted, I do believe it to be genuine.

I found out about this post from a Youtuber named "Nik" back in May/2017 who covered Chris's death as being suspicious. "Nik" provided a link to a screenshot of the post below, but I've obtained this larger version from doing an image search.

To be perfectly clear, I do not subscribe to any gossip forums, including Reddit or tune into those convoluted "blinds" No disrespect to ENTY or anything, it's just that I'm not familiar with how he operates.

I believe this to be the original link to the post: "I know what really happened." Scroll down to see the post.

Alleged Divorce.

Again, another piece of information I came across from the Youtuber "Nik" well before I joined Twitter in July/2017. All I gathered from this screenshot is that the actress, Sonia Rockwell, had a close friendship with Chris. The post of this screenshot has long been deleted.

With the discussions of a lengthy separation and a possible divorce considering the circumstances, they still remain rumours. There's no official documentation of a divorce made public that I'm aware of.

Jeffrey L. Schulman; Insurance Lawyer

Calling an insurance lawyer shortly after your spouse passed is suspicious to many. I understand protocols vary, but seeing as this was widely discussed, I took it into consideration.

**Phone Records; Detroit Police Department 911 calls to service.

The Detroit News and other online news media outlets, reported times of 911 calls do not match the official DPD; 911 CALLS FOR SERVICE. The reported times and the official times were recently made clear to me by MDR's post of TMD's article: Phone Records Indicate Chris Cornell Death Timeline Is False?

DPD: 911 Calls for Service, September 20, 2016 - Present.

**Type in the "incident id number" from the screenshots provided in the search bar to obtain the specific times.**

*FIRST 911 call was made at 2017 May 18 12:56:59 AM.

*SECOND 911 call was made at 2017 May 18 01:52:09 AM. (53 minutes later)

*From what I've learned, the priority code #1 means “Dead On Arrival”.

So at 2017 May 18 01:52:09 AM, the medic (not the hotel medic) arrived and failed to resuscitate Chris. This ACTUAL record of the 911 calls strongly indicates Chris's 9 fractured ribs were inflicted on him prior and not due to penetrative CPR.

Evidence of Injury; HEAD INJURY

The first documented exchange (with Renee S. DeCamillis) back in March/2018 of VK acknowledging for the first time Chris's head injury. Later on after, Alt-Nation & The Detroit News published articles covering the head wound.

Two months after the exchange Renee had with VK, this partial documentation by DMCare Express was released to the public by Vicky. Keep in mind, Chris's head injury was evident the night he died!