#NOMOREBULLSHIT: Dismissal of the Official Ruling part 1: "The Final Autograph."

Sept, 27th/18.

Remember the story of a "fan"claiming to have obtained the final autograph from Chris Cornell on May, 17th/17? Well for starters, I don't believe Chris signed any autographs for anyone after the final concert! To this day, there is not one photograph or video footage of Chris after he walks off the stage at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

I find this story incredibly interesting yet disturbing all at once. It's not uncommon for individuals to forge signatures of celebrities on tickets or various other items in order to make a profit. Of course, this particular "fan" stated on his/her Ebay page that, "I do not have a photo proof of Chris signing this item or other autographs from that date. This was signed as he was entering his hotel. He had a police escort after the show, was traveling with private security, and there was hotel security. The situation didn't really permit photos."

Take a look at the seller's page: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chris-Cornell-One-Of-The-Final-Autographs-Signed-In-Detroit-05-17-17-With-Proof-/252944704855

What's also concerning to me about this story are the statements made by Martin Kirsten:

Notice how "photographs" is scratched out? Both Martin and the "fan" say there was a police escort. Additionally, the "fan" states Chris was traveling with private security and hotel security.

"Autographs" signed strongly indicates that other people greeted Chris outside of the MGM, which I've yet to read any other accounts from fans who supposedly witnessed Chris alive after the final show.

For me, the "fan" indicating private security and hotel security on top of Chris having a police escort, would serve to strengthen the legitimacy of he/she's claim not being able to obtain a photograph of Chris Cornell allegedly signing his/her ticket.

The story of this "fan" was first reported by STEREOGUM: https://www.stereogum.com/1946979/fan-selling-ticket-stub-autographed-by-chris-cornell-in-his-final-hour/news/

Seattle Mag also questions the legitimacy.

What do you think?