#NOMOREBULLSHIT article#6: “April, 13th 2018: CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW REVEALS. . .

June, 7th/18.

What I couldn’t fathom in this Alt. Nation piece was her audacity to finally yet briefly, discuss Chris’s visible bald spot that night! She goes on to say that “I didn’t know about that. . .” Really? Almost a year since the loss of Chris Cornell along with some fans questioning how and who hurt him and the “grieving widow” missed the LARGE CHUNK OF HAIR MISSING AND THE BLOODY SCALP her husband displayed on his last day on Earth?!

Vicky Karayiannis has dodged legitimate questions and ignored the images showcasing Chris's very visible head injury from day one. Then almost a year later, Vicky acknowledges Chris's head wound for the first time when Renee responded to her on Twitter that Chris's mental impairment on stage ". . .could've also been caused by the head trauma Chris Cornell had."

"Yes it could have most certainly exacerbated all the symptoms." responds Vicky. Observe the conversation Renee and Vicky had on Twitter back in March/2018.

In the Alt. Nation article a month before the Detroit news article, Vicky answers Dr Oz: "I didn't know about that, so I looked at the footage from the show, it was the first time I did it, at some point in July. As soon as he turned around, I saw a huge bald spot in the back on his head. I thought uh oh, maybe this has been photoshopped, so I sent messages out to his bandmates and Soundgarden's photographer, and I asked if anyone saw anything. The photographer sent that to me and said, 'I didn't notice until I noticed.' His bandmates also saw it, they saw there was a weird bald spot on his head."

So which is it? A bald spot due to male pattern baldness at Chris's age or a head injury? Vicky can't make the claim "I didn't know about that." if Chris's missing chunk of hair was indeed due to age related hair loss. Vicky was married to Chris for 13 years! Also, photoshopped? Why? Where is this photographer to speak for himself/herself? And if Chris's bandmates noticed, which I believe they ABSOLUTELY NOTICED, they definitely acted as if nothing were amiss on stage.

Examine the image and a video clip of Chris's final night in Detroit May, 17th/17. The missing hair he displayed is not of natural age related balding. I strongly believe that being the case!

First photo and video credit to "VideoGremmie" on Youtube (UPDATE: VideoGremmie's account is no longer available.)

Video shot in high definition in AVCHD mode using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30 using “P” mode in ISO 3200 exposure and 1/60 min shutter speed.

May, 17th/17. Image source unknown.

Now compare these two videos:

The first video (credit to SbMick on Youtube) is of Soundgarden performing at The Starlight Theatre in Kansas City on Sunday, May 14th/17. This is 3 days before the band's final gig in Detroit; second to last show. In the entirety of The Starlight Theatre gig, Chris does not have a visible, large chunk of hair missing on the back of his head! Quite evident during his performance of "Jesus Christ Pose."

Chris's missing chunk hair on the back of his head during Soundgarden's final night in Detroit was not due to male pattern baldness 72 hours later!

The second video (credit to Joel begin on Youtube) shows a close up, alternate angle of Soundgarden performing "Outshined" on their final performance at The Fox Theatre in Detroit May, 17th/17. As Chris is pacing back and forth on stage, and seemingly impaired due to a sedative and possibly a concussion in my opinion, the back of his head shows the infamous large chunk of hair missing! Quite evident and you'll see it several times.

Vicky makes news once again May, 15th/18 addressing Chris's head injury in depth with the Detroit News:

VK- “. . .He did not have control of his faculties due to toxicology, perhaps even exacerbated by other factors, including a head injury, which was referenced in two EMS reports that were left out of the autopsy report.”

You see that word again? "Exacerbated." She's now crying “botched investigation.” I myself have been screaming "botched investigation", since day one!

Why would something as serious as a HEAD INJURY be referenced twice but absent in the official autopsy report?

UPDATE: Retrieved this partial documentation AFTER the publication of this post. The person I've saved this documentation from claims that VK herself shared it with her. The release of this documentation strongly suggests Vicky knew of the head trauma all along!

The Detroit news article continues to mention new information stating, "a written report by the crew from DMCare Express, the ambulance company owned by the Detroit Medical Center, stated: “Laceration to back of skull. Minor bleeding noted upon crew arrival.” Why is the public informed of this information now? All this just comes across as additional material to ignite sensationalism surrounding Vicky in my opinion.

We've had the audio of the First Responder's remarks stating. "trauma to the back of the head." FOR.A.YEAR! No official news article nor Vicky cared to mention Chris's blatant head injury until May,15th/18.

Why isn't Chris's head wound mentioned in the autopsy report? Here are two things I think:

1. Chris's head trauma could've just been a ripped out chunk of hair with a bleeding scalp and not trauma to the skull when examined by Theodore Brown M.D. Chris's missing chunk of hair was quite evident in photos and video clips in addition to the First Responder's examination on scene. Still, I strongly believe minor injuries should be noted.

2. Chris's autopsy report was rushed. From what I've learned from medical professionals, autopsy reports are quite lengthy, anywhere from 30 to 50 pages. Chris's 5 paged autopsy report was released to the public 2 weeks after he died! The first thing I noticed upon reading the report was the absence of his birth date. Also, there are no anatomical sketches of the body. With my understanding, there should be a thorough anterior and posterior examination of every inch of the deceased; minor injuries should be noted.

Speaking of thorough, Vicky actually says within the article that, "If the autopsy report was thorough, I believe some of this could have been avoided."

The quick cremation of Chris's body way ahead of the funeral screams guilty, destroying the body thus destroying crucial, additional evidence not picked up from the first examination. However, Chris's nine fractured ribs with hemorrhaging, an uneven ligature pattern and the other findings examined not in-line with a suicide by hanging, was enough for us "conspiracy theorists" to be concerned about.

The Detroit News article covers all of the questions and concerns Vicky is suddenly on board with in my opinion BUT, the hasty cremation of Chris is COMPLETELY left out.

Vicky and her family are of the Greek Orthodox religion. What I've learned about the faith is that cremation of the deceased is strictly forbidden. Chris had to convert to Greek Orthodox before he and Vicky were permitted to wed 13 years ago. Cremation may have been what Chris wanted but cremation way ahead of the funeral? When I first learned of Chris's passing, it was in the morning of Thursday, May18th/17. Then on Friday, May 19th/17, I hear of a private cremation ceremony.

That really broke my heart.

VK- “You can clearly see a gash or at least a visible big bald spot in pictures and video footage. It was confirmed by the band and crew — they said they saw it at the show and not at sound check. . ."

“You can’t tell people there was no laceration when it’s documented, and we can all see it.”

OF COURSE WE ALL SAW IT VICKY. Now the only question is, how the fuck did he get that?

"Vicky Cornell said she believes the wound happened after sound check because she said his bandmates didn’t notice anything wrong before then." According to the Detroit News article.

So what happened? Did Chris get into a fight? If so, with who? One of his bandmates? Martin Kirsten or was it with the two big black bodyguards that escorted Chris? The alleged two bodyguards were witnessed by a fan before the final show. Is Vicky really wondering HOW her husband got that head wound at all?

Once again, outside agencies are mentioned but it’s always Vicky speaking on their behalf. It’s been a year now and not one of the remaining members of Soundgarden mentions Chris’s head wound, let alone utter a single word regarding the nature of that night to the public.

Where are Matt, Kim and Ben to confirm what Vicky has stated? Where is anybody to say for themselves what they said and saw?

Where is Dr. Richard Cote and his now "3 paged report" regarding his independent analysis of Chris's autopsy report? I emailed Dr. Cote back in March but I have yet to receive a response.

Where is the bodyguard Martin Kirsten? Vicky claims in the article that she didn't fight with Chris on the phone that night, but the statements made by Kirsten within the police reports claims that "she was angry."

The article continues on mentioning things some of us have already known and have been asking for a year. "What happened to Chris's head that night?" and "Why was the investigation into Chris's death ruled a suicide so quickly? Way before an autopsy and toxicology report to be conducted?" The police report released to the public last year only has Martin Kirsten interviewed! The last person to witness Chris Cornell alive.

No interviews with Vicky, bandmates, hotel staff, Fox Theatre crew, NOBODY!

"Nothing in the autopsy report reflects a head wound."

"Within hours of his death, before they received a toxicology report, before talking to his family, and despite the head trauma, the death was deemed a suicide. Those pieces didn’t fit on May 18, 2017, and they don’t fit today. One plus one has never equaled two in Chris Cornell’s death."

Quoted Jeffrey L. Schulman, an attorney who specializes in insurance cases remember? Schulman and Vicky were scheduled for an appointment with the Medical Examiner Theodore Brown M.D. in Wayne County, Detroit back in October of 2017 according to The Blast. Then on October 10th followed another article from Alt. Nation: EVIDENCE THAT CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW ACQUIRED WITH LAWYER REVEALED, EXAMINER CANCELS MEETING The meeting with Brown never happened! Are Vicky and her attorney wanting to reopen up Chris's case?

What about those "tissue slides" Vicky allegedly obtained from Wayne County back in October/17?

Vicky continues within the Detroit news article: “The poor choice of phrasing has misled the public to believing he was of sound mind and body.” "So some conspiracy people think if Chris wasn’t impaired, he would never have killed himself, and so he must have been killed — and then they start getting into the rest of the holes.”

Closely observe Vicky's actions and possible intentions since Chris passed to presently with this article from The Detroit News. The medical examiner did not find dangerous levels of prescription drugs nor dangerous illegal drugs in Chris's system. Therefore, drugs did not contribute to Chris Cornell's death! She is unsatisfied with Brown's ruling so she, like I mention in my last post, attempts to perpetuate a supposed erroneous ruling of the therapeutic substances found in Chris's system . . . Also, I believe she attempts to manipulate the public with appealing to emotion, using the online interactions she's had with fans who've questioned and criticized her and labeled them as bullies.

Drugs did not contribute into Chris Cornell "taking his own life." With that, what other factors could have lead Chris to "do himself in?" Chris indeed spoke on the phone with Vicky on his final night alive and it was reported that she was angry. From what I see, she doesn't want Chris's supposed "suicide" to lay blame on her which is why I believe she's been so desperate to find a way to spin the narrative that the drugs COULD HAVE been responsible for Chris's death. Not the case!

Again I ask, where is MARTIN KIRSTEN? He was the last man to see Chris alive and Kirsten supposedly gave Chris 2 extra doses of Ativan. Why doesn't Vicky hold any suspicion towards the bodyguard?

This has nothing to do with money, plain and simple.” It never has. The family will receive a total of zero dollars if the medical examiner’s report is corrected. The notion that finances are involved is totally false and made up by conspiracy theorists who have no knowledge of the actual facts.” Jeffrey L. Schulman says. In the article, it mentions that Schulman is Vicky's attorney, yet the article omits that he specializes in insurances cases.

Barbiturates is acknowledged for the first time and it's noted that it wasn't prescribed to Chris, but sedative isn't mentioned any further. Vicky doesn't mention the drug either. So where did the butalbital come from? When and how did Chris get it in his system? WHY would Chris have it in his system?

I believe Vicky Karayiannis did not count on several fans to be questioning the story for so long. From what I've witnessed, she's now decided to go full on "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mode, acting like she's been on board with the questions and concerns outside of the official narrative all along. Vicky had Chris cremated way before a second autopsy could've been conducted. Afterwards, went on to have to have her claims and several changed stories published.

I believe deep in my heart that Vicky was physically abusive towards Chris and likely the culprit of his ripped out chunk of hair. It is reported that Chris was with her before flying out (or drove) to Detroit on May 17th/17. I’ve also read that she’s had violent outbursts in the past and according to the mysterious “Letter from a Relative”, which I'll post and discuss later, “Vicky was emotionally abusive. She attacked him in his worst moments and he couldn't handle it.”

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