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Personal criticisms of Vicky Karayiannis are from her public statements, claims, stories, antagonistic interactions with others I've witnessed on social media, and her likely untruthfulness surrounding Chris's passing.

I do not encourage ill intent her way.

June, 5th/18.

On Thursday April,12th Vicky had another television interview, The Dr. Oz show. Many, including myself, urged the TV personality via Twitter not to allow the airing of the coming episode due to Vicky’s continuous spewing of misinformation and lies regarding Chris’s death.

I personally never watched The Dr. Oz Show so I can’t comment whether or not the program offers above average medical advise or education. However, since Vicky was able to appear on the program to discuss, yet again, Chris’s “suicide”, his “relapse” and to express her “grief” for her husband, it’s pretty safe to assume the Dr. Oz crew did little homework on the guest they chose to speak with.

Alt. Nation transcribed her quotes. Addionally, she allegedly had a discussion with the medical examiner Theodore Brown M.D.. Vicky's meeting with the assistant medical examiner is a falsehood, explained further to follow.

There’s a story back in October 2017, first reported by THE BLAST that Vicky flew out to Detroit to meet with the medical examiner in Wayne County, Detroit.

In October of 2017 she supposedly made the trip to “question the cause of death” five months later after Chris died.

According to Alt. Nation’s article to follow on Oct, 10th/17 entitled: EVIDENCE THAT CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW ACQUIRED WITH LAWYER REVEALED, EXAMINER CANCELS MEETING, it’s clearly noted within the article that Vicky and a man named Jeffrey L. Schulman, an attorney who specializes in insurance cases (go figure) were so late for their supposed meeting with the medical examiner that the appointment was cancelled! Apparently, Vicky was allegedly able to obtain slides of microscopic tissue samples. I haven’t heard or read anything regarding the tissue samples since.

Going back to the article discussed here, “CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW REVEALS WHAT MEDICAL EXAMINER TOLD HER ABOUT CAUSE OF DEATH.” She claimed, and for the first time, that she had a meeting with the medical examiner (Theodore Brown) and that he ruled suicide as the “mechanical” cause of death.

Take a look at the conversation between a friend of mine, RENEEYOUNGCAMILLIS and Vicky had on Twitter in March 2018 regarding Chris’s mental impairment.

Look closely at Vicky’s wording: “. . .was simply they were not mechanical cause. It has since been misinterpreted and has caused confusion.” Renee took a screenshot of their exchange before Vicky blocked her due to Chris’s injuries being brought up.

According to Vicky, Theodore Brown was allegedly quoted within the article saying: "I'm not talking about mental impairment. I'm talking about the mechanical cause of death."

It's highly suspect Vicky actually spoke with Theodore Brown M.D.. When and where exactly did she meet up with the medical examiner? The only time we hear about a planned meeting with Theodor Brown M.D. was in October of 2017, and according to the article and its title, EVIDENCE THAT CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW ACQUIRED WITH LAWYER REVEALED, EXAMINER CANCELS MEETING,

*The meeting never happened!*

“MECHANICAL CAUSE.” were Vicky's words and not the words of Theodore Brown M.D..

The quotes attributed to the medical examiner are the words likely of Vicky herself.

Nowhere in Chris Cornell's autopsy and toxicology reports is the word mechanical used.

Where is medical examiner Theodore Brown M.D.? Why doesn’t he come out and speak on the matter in his own words? Why doesn’t Alt. Nation contact outside agencies and obtain accurate statements rather than let Vicky do all the talking? Taking her word over everything else

The article is deceptive, going into the notion that Chris’s death is actually more complicated than everybody has been lead to believe. Observe Vicky's words within the screenshot taken by Renee,

“. . . misinterpreted and has caused confusion.” What confusion? She’s incredibly vocal on the matter of prescription drugs that lead Chris to allegedly taking his own life, but when the toxicology report was released stating "drugs did not contribute to the cause of death," Vicky attempts to perpetuate supposed erroneous findings of the therapeutic doses found in Chris system noted by the medical examiner.

Further into the article, she’s questioning everything, taken aback and confused, trying to make sense of everything so overwhelmingly convoluted for her. “I want to know what caused my husband to do that, I know that Chris had no suicidal ideation ever, and this made no sense.”

If she was so concerned about Chris’s state of mind, and if he actually committed suicide, why the hell did she cremate his body so quickly? Way ahead of the funeral! What really breaks my heart is that she leaves his ashes buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The dialogue between herself and Theodore Brown M.D. is a falsehood. It’s not a coincidence that the article came out a month later after her exchange with Renee saying “. . .was simply they were not mechanical cause.”

“MECHANICAL CAUSE” is never worded within Chris’s 5 paged autopsy report.

Going back to "Dr. Richard J. Cote", the chair of the department of pathology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Richard J. Cote MD, FRCPath, FCAP is quoted:

“There is clear evidence of drug ingestion leading to impaired behavior. The drugs that were found, and their levels, strongly indicate doses that would impair mental or motor function individually, but have much more powerful effects when found in combination."

What drugs exactly? From what I strongly assume, extremely incapacitated from " . . . much more powerful effects when found in combination." Dr. Richard J. Cote’s quote is different from his statement in the article CHRIS CORNELL EMAIL ADMITTING TO FINAL DRUG RELAPSE REVEALED. Did Alt. Nation contact this doctor for a statement? I highly doubt it! This mysterious doctor suggests that the drugs found in Chris’s system lead to impaired behavior when the official toxicology report states no such thing.

It would be incredibly shameful if Vicky herself constructed quotes to validate her claims that “the drugs made him do it.” Then, attaching a doctor's name to it.

In my last post, I contacted "Dr. Cote" back in March/18 asking him what he meant by “two drugs found in his system at the time of his death may have resulted in impaired judgment and motor functions”.

Compare "Dr. Cote's" two statements. He goes from, ". . .may have resulted in impaired judgment." to "There is clear evidence of drug ingestion leading to impaired behavior."


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