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#NOMOREBULLSHIT article#2: “February 21st, 2018: CHRIS CORNELL EMAIL ADMITTING. . .

Personal criticisms of Vicky Karayiannis are from her public statements, claims, stories, antagonistic interactions with others I've witnessed on social media and her likely untruthfulness surrounding Chris's passing.

I do not encourage ill intent her way.

June, 5th/18.

Vicky Karayiannis’s first statement after Chris had passed was that his death was “sudden and unexpected” and that he showed no signs to being suicidal. Afterwards, she then blamed his supposed actions solely on "Ativan." Then, within the following published interview, she claims she witnessed Chris take “20-something pills” and then “in a nine-day period, 33”. Vicky goes from not seeing the signs to seeing Chris abuse his meds? Additionally, why was Chris on tour without a new Soundgarden album to promote? If Vicky knew of her husband’s declining state of mind, why not get him help? Why have him on the road wasting time and energy when he could’ve just been at home resting and checked into rehab?

Within the article, Dr. Richard Cote, the chair of the department of pathology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is noted for conducting an independent analysis of Chris’s autopsy report and stated that “two drugs found in his system at the time of his death may have resulted in impaired judgment and motor functions”.

What two drugs specifically? Was this doctor legitimate? If so, how would Vicky, allegedly, get an actual doctor to lie for her?

I took it upon myself to contact Dr. Richard Cote on March, 31st/18 via email with the following inquiry:

Richard J Cote,

I’ve recently read an article you are featured in from a rock music media website Alternative Nation. In the article, it’s stated that you’ve conducted an independent analysis of Chris Cornell’s autopsy and that you discovered “two drugs found in his system at the time of his death may have resulted in impaired judgment and motor functions.”

“They were not at levels that would’ve caused his death; in other words, it wasn’t an overdose…”

“…but what the two drugs did individually and in combination was to really impair his judgment and make him physically unable to be responsive in ways that he normally would be responsive.”

I’m wanting to know what these two drugs were exactly:


Caffeine Positive - Peripheral Blood

Naloxone Positive - Peripheral Blood

Butalbital 5.4 mcg/mL - Peripheral Blood

Lorazepam 41 ng/mL - Peripheral Blood

Pseudoephedrine 170 ng/mL - Peripheral Blood

Norpseudoephedrine 10 ng/mL - Peripheral Blood

Barbiturates Presump Pos – Urine

It’s my understanding that if he was physically unable to be responsive, then the method of his reported death would be deemed impossible.

I assure you that my inquiry is just for my personal understanding and I’m simply a fan of the musician that passed back in May of last year. Thank you.

I’ve not heard back from Dr. Cote and it’s safe to assume that he didn’t want to answer or he doesn’t actually exist. From what's been reported, there's only the physical examination and opinion of assistant medical examiner Theodore Brown M.D. and his findings; no illegal drugs nor lethal level of prescription drugs were found in Chris’s system.

There was no second thorough examination of Chris’s body nor a second opinion on the injuries Chris sustained that were, according only to Theodore Brown M.D, “evidence of treatment" and “consistent with hanging."

Lastly, it's highly questionable whether or not Chris sent this email to an unknown recipient. The email could be a complete forgery.

Why was it important for Vicky to dig up an email, supposedly sent by Chris, 9 months later to show the world Chris had indeed “relapsed?”

If this is an actual email from Chris, it appears to be taken out of context, the blurred sections selectively placed to make Vicky’s claims of Chris’s supposed relapse more plausible.

From the look of the email, I wondered if Chris actually used his name, CHRIS CORNELL, as it appeared in an email message and if he, let alone anyone who “fell off the wagon", would blatantly say in an email that they “had a relapse” strikes as a bit odd.

Vicky, from what I know, has complete access and control over Chris’s, the pages of Soundgarden and Audioslave from all social media platforms. It's safe to assume Vicky, from the supposed email sent by Chris, likely has access to Chris’s personal email.

The question still remains whether or not the email is legitimate.

QUICK FACTS: Vicky Karayiannis.

* She called her insurance lawyer (Kirk Pasich) minutes upon learning of Chris’s passing.

* She did not fly to Detroit to pick up her husband upon learning of his death.

* Quickly cremates her husband’s body. (Cremation is strictly forbidden in the Greek Orthodox religion she and her family practice)

* She was not present at the cremation of her husband allegedly.

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