June, 3rd/18.

To my understanding, the traces of Ativan in Chris’s system not only were in therapeutic levels, but Chris probably did not ingest the anti-anxiety medication on the night of the final concert.

I’ve read information and comments on the side effects of Ativan. What I’ve learned is that the dosage found in Chris’s system would not have caused any mental impairment or suicidal thoughts, nor would the combination of the other substances found, also at therapeutic levels, would trigger any dangerous reactions.

This article featured had Vicky responding to a user going by the name of “Lovely Nurse” on Twitter. Lovely Nurse states: “Yes! ATIVAN did NOT cause his death. It IMPAIRED his thinking, personality, suicidal ideation. He was NOT coherent to make the right choices. As a REGISTERED NURSE X26 YRS, I know this about ATIVAN. I’m so sick of trolls questioning Vicky. LEAVE HER


Before reading further, I want to make it perfectly clear that user "Lovely Nurse" and myself, agreed to not communicate with each other long after our heated exchange, (and another one recently) and I do not recommend contacting this person nor do I condone harassment, trolling or bullying. I've been accused of slander by "Lovely Nurse" by me questioning her statements within the article, sharing the article on Twitter and the legitimacy of her occupation. I've opened up a Twitter account back in July/17 with the sole purpose of following Chris Cornell's case. I've since personalized my page a bit and I try keep interactions with other users friendly.

However, I strongly felt her statements alongside Vicky’s Ativan narrative needed to be questioned and explored. I hold a tweet I posted a while back very seriously in this day and age: "it’s an uninformed public, voluntary ignorance, the power of repetition, and the appeal to authority are the reasons why evil people get away with their crimes and roam the Earth unscathed."

Positive interactions VK has with anyone on social media usually end's up published on Alt. Nation. To date, It's evident Lovely Nurse was used for her comments and warmth towards Vicky; being in the medical field, a bonus.

I’ve longed recognized Vicky’s strategies and seeing someone, a NURSE specifically, come out of the woodwork 8 months later to defend VK’s claims that Ativan was responsible for Chris’s demise aroused suspicion. It had been long discussed let alone documented in Chris’s toxicology report that “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death.” Apparently, Vicky would have a “minion” called upon to make a claim against what people had been screaming at her for months.

Several fans, like myself, who go against the official ruling of suicide, observed the discrepancies in the entirety of the case but are deemed “conspiracy theorists”. A conspiracy theory is “a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event” according to the Oxford dictionary. While there are several different speculations surrounding the circumstances of Chris’s death, the matter of disputes to the official ruling stem from the physical and the forensic evidence presented to the public; all contradicting the ruling of suicide.

The statements made by “Lovely Nurse”, who later I discovered to be a Canadian Palliative nurse, I could not ignore, and she showed the classic characteristics of a minion:

* Appears out of the woodwork.

* Fandom of VK and her family and little interest in Chris/Soundgarden.

* Little to no other interests on their SM pages.

* Overly retweeting tweets and articles in relation to their “occupation” or “interests.”

* Over reporting trolls or legitimate criticism against VK and the official narrative.

Despite my mind being made up against the Ativan/suicide narrative, I took it upon myself to share the article on Twitter to begin a discussion. I asked, “Lovely Nurse” how exactly the medication “made him do it.” Unfortunately, the nurse not only showed little to no knowledge of the case or Chris’s toxicology report, and who she is strongly supporting (VK), but she couldn’t even articulate the specifics on how Chris’s supposed state of mind due to the Ativan would "impair his thinking" YET HE WAS COHERENT ENOUGH TO RIG UP A STRETCHY EXERCISE BAND, JAM A CARABINER INTO A DOOR FRAME, (REQUIRING TOOLS AND PROBABLY A STEPPING STOOL), LOOPING THE BAND AROUND HIS NECK AND FINALLY, HANGING HIMSELF IN A SHORT SPAN OF TIME. Additionally, being exhausted performing late into the night!!

I mention that his incoherence during his last performance would most likely be due to the head injury he displayed that night. On top of that, I bring up the severe internal injuries Chris sustained to his body; resulting in over half a dozen rib fractures, PLUS the hemorrhaging he suffered due to the reported “hours of resuscitation” attempts to save his life. Butalbital, a sedative mysteriously introduced to Chris’s system on his final gig, is never mentioned by Lovely Nurse; just as Vicky never mentions it until the barbiturate is noted recently in the Detroit News on May,15/18.

Here are the tweets of Lovely Nurse’s explanation in relation of her statements:

The entire thread featuring this article is still up on my Twitter account @CielGris1987.

Going back and forth with Lovely Nurse and the additional user involved as shown, was incredibly frustrating. I found her lack of knowledge, proof, and articulation to be irresponsible, and the fact she was conveying misinformation on a public forum. I held high expectations for someone who explicitly states she’s been in her profession for nearly 3 decades. I later suspected that “Lovely Nurse” probably wasn’t even a nurse to begin with. There was more of an interest of scoring "likes" from the person that joined the conversation on my page than there were answering my inquiries. I confess to being emotional during our exchange, but the immaturity that “Lovely Nurse” displayed was unacceptable in my opinion.

From what I’ve gathered, she may have very little knowledge of pharmaceuticals, does not prescribe medications, and probably has no training in CPR! Highly unlikely I suppose, but her answers shot up several red flags for me. and the name “Lovely Nurse”, screams of a 14 year old.

Personally, I love bombarding people with several questions if something doesn't make sense. Although I came across as rude and demanding, I had every right to ask! The subject matter piqued my interest.

I understand that there are many variables that result in different responses to certain medications among different people. In general, I’ve learned that Ativan is not as dangerous as it’s being deemed and I’ve read several stories of those who've taken the medication, including a close friend of mine, that its helped them along the way.