June, 2nd 2018.

This article sparked controversy after a woman on Twitter had her tweets documented alongside Vicky’s own tweets. Neither Brett Buchanan, the Alt. Nation “journalist”, nor the employees of Alt. Nation, nor Vicky asked whether it would be appropriate to use the woman’s personal struggles within the article. There was extreme backlash from her upon learning of the publication and the use of her personal messages without her consent.

I personally witnessed the uproar as it unfolded on Twitter. A video was posted by the woman expressing her disbelief towards Brett and Vicky, questioning why her words were misinterpreted and her suggested problems with prescription medication.

“. . .traction of their agenda with the pills and everything and you know, having problems with prescription drugs which I don’t have a problem with; I have a problem with depression. . .”“It’s not okay with the K’s”. Video since removed.

Due to the drama that circulated after the article had been published, the comments section of the article had been disabled and then, shortly after, the entire piece was deleted. After having contacted the woman and expressing my sympathy towards her, I shared the article on Twitter, taking a screenshot before it was removed, and exposed the blatant misuse of a fan’s trust. She has since withdrawn from social media after her experiences with the publication. I found this fellow fan’s outcry towards Vicky to be one of the most explicit exposure of the K family I’ve seen, and it’s been my sole intention to bring her story out again as a reminder while respecting her request to remain anonymous.

Examine the tweets and see how medication is held as the sole culprit of the controlled narrative. In all the articles published through Alternative Nation featuring Karayiannis, there’s clearly favouritism surrounding VK, selective diction and interactions to keep the “grieving widow” at an elevated victim status.

According to the fan, there was no apology to her from Vicky.

I’ve cropped out the comments section for some of the articles. Sections of Twitter threads I’ve taken screenshots of are also cropped out for the sake of clarity. The articles, except for “Evil Trolls. . .”, are still active on Alt. Nation