Alt-Nation: The Documentation of Vicky Karayiannis's Lies & Manipulation.

June, 1st/18.

Alternative Nation is a rock music media website who, according to their Twitter, “covers alternative rock's biggest bands and has featured interviews with members of bands. . .” I don’t know how much credibility Alternative Nation carries but personally, I find them to be mediocre and biased with mundane journalistic delivery. The controlled narrative of Chris Cornell abusing prescription medication, suffering severe depression and the closed case ruling of his supposed suicide has been pushed predominantly by his widow, Vicky Karayiannis.

Vicky’s incessant documentation of her tweets, activities, photos and video through Alternative Nation lead me to recognize her tactics; garner sympathy from the uninformed grieving fans of Chris. For 11 months I’ve seen article after article featuring VK interacting with anyone who smothers her in warmth, condolences to additional details Vicky provides to her several changed stories. Karayiannis, up until recently, had never documented or responded to any discussion from those who criticize her and hold legitimate questions outside of the suicide narrative.

In later posts, I'll provide medical citations, various documents, news articles and images I've gathered and learned from that contradict the ruling of suicide and my personal belief that Christopher John Cornell was indeed murdered; most likely within domestic circumstances. I'm by no means a "conspirator" nor do I indulge myself in the thousands of implausible theories surrounding Chris's death. I strongly believe his death wasn't meant to happen, and drastic action had to be taken. Hence, the shock and confusion of his sudden, out of nowhere passing.

Anything news related to Chris has almost always been exclusively reported by Alternative Nation, some of which are not what you would call “news worthy” with such headlines as: “CHRIS CORNELL’S BANDMATE REVEALS TEXT SINGER SENT HIM ABOUT HEAVEN OR HELL”, “CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW REACTS TO AUDIOSLAVE REUNION PERFORMANCE”, “CHRIS CORNELL’S WIDOW BRAVELY REVEALS HOW SHE OVERCOMES CRYING AND SCREAMING”, “CHRIS CORNELL’S FRIEND REVEALS WHY OSCARS SNUB AS EDDIE VEDDER PLAYED WAS A BIT IRONIC . . .” Whenever I search for Chris on the internet with the hopes of finding anything new and damning surrounding the circumstances of his death, I get Alternative Nation.

The articles I feature are the most crucial pieces of evidence I believe to be an ulterior motive. Despite all the forensic evidence of foul play, Christopher’s clean toxicology report, and the conflicting stories and timelines, Vicky has been heavily active on social media and continues a pursuit to keep the reported lies alive.

Remember, it's an uninformed public, voluntary ignorance, the power of repetition, and the appeal to authority are the reasons why evil people get away with their crimes and roam the Earth unscathed.

The point of me analyzing these specific articles is to help expose all the lies that are being spewed forth by VK, to demonstrate her maneuvers, using the fans and the appeal to emotion. She is not the victim in these circumstances nor do I believe she suddenly is an advocate for mental health issues, suicide prevention, the opioid epidemic or, according to her new Twitter status, “to help the world’s most vulnerable children.”

11 months have passed and one of the many things I’ve learned about Vicky Karayiannis is that she was or is a publicist.

“Now the truth will set you free, but all you had was lying in you,

So you built a cage for me, all the while pretending to be,

A living saint with a thorny crown,

And me condemned to be your clown. . .” -CHRIS CORNELL; MURDERER OF BLUE SKIES.